Unfolding Before You’re Very Eyes To: March 6, 2018 This was the most difficult letter I’ve ever written and though I have no plans to hurt myself, my own mother told me I’m a burden and told her best friend I would be better of dead since I am a burden on her and her multi Million dollar estate. I know she said this for a fact since she said it to my face and also said the same of my sister on many occasions. She wished my father, his wife, my grandmother, my half brothers and even her own parents and siblings from sheer jealousy. All over a $4 Million dollar inheritance and a pair of diamond earrings. That’s not a mother. That’s a vulture. Forced me to give her $.35 cents to mail a birthday card to my brother and took items and gift cards I received for my birthday and returned them when and kept the money (credit) for herself. l simply can’t take it anymore. This was the most difficult letter I ever wrote in my life. I don’t want to give up but everyone seems to given up on me. Another severe and rapid degeneration in my condition. Don’t call the authorities. I’m not suicidal and I so much to publish in the time I have left. Here is the letter: I can’t even listen to it. I’m too sad to realize that the one human I gave everything to and loved has moved on and the past is now gone forever. Many times I pushed you away because I wanted to you to be happy and have everything you want and deserve. I can see now I’m just getting in the way and causing you distress. I will always love you for being the one person who could see through the darkness and bring out the light but I’m afraid it’s too much for you and as much as love you (as my oldest and dearest friend) I want you to be happy and be everything I always knew you would be. I’m sorry I got so I’ll after we reconnected. I would have never reached out if had any idea. My face is still beautiful and aside from a few extra pounds from IV out my body is still pretty banging so please remember the good times; the intimacy, love, passion and please please remember the laughter. I never got to say goodbye before but if you could please just confirm receipt when you get this because saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. You are free. Please baby, be happy, love laugh and don’t take a single minute or the people who love you for granted. I do believe I am capable of giving and receiving love but I can’t live this way; fully aware and no one who cares enough to see it if I’m dead or alive. I think of you every day but I love and respect you too much to burden you with my health or anything else. To be clear, I’m not suicidal so no need to call the authorities cuz that won’t help. I’m thinking of the future and I’m worried I won’t be able to take my own life due to health law regulations on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. Just know I love you and I will miss you terribly just as I do right now. Be well my sweet. I love you. — LizzieD — Posted By Elyssa D’Educrat to The Powers That Beat at 3/06/2018 02:53:00 PM