Chapter 22: Flashbacks to Healthcare Crisis 2009

July 5, 2018Flashbacks to the last time I lost my insurance benefits and my sanity almost a decade ago. The state cut off my healthcare benefits because Karen claimed me as a dependent child living in NY and they based my benefits on her unreported income. She claimed me as a dependent child and even for food stamps while she was living in a $750,000 two bedroom townhouse in New York. When I went to file my taxes, my tax return was rejected by the IRS due to duplicate taxpayer ID. I had to file an appeal with the IRS and the State to reinstate my benefits and lost everything I owned. The IRS eventually ruled in my favor but it took 7 months to get it straightened out. I was working for Tennessee Government and had a pension in Metro Governmentt in Nashville but it took 7 months to straighten out during which time Lauren was handling my accounts upon my request and couldn’t get her shit straightened out to pay my bills on time lost EVERYTHING. First my apartment, then my license because I was living in my car in my car until I got a new apartment for Spotty and I on August 8. I got pulled over (for reason unknown) the cop asked me for my license, registration and proof of insurance. I had the legally required auto liability insurance but the dumb cop wouldn’t accept a digital copy on my Blackberry Pearl 8120 and gave me a ticket I couldn’t pay. It was the Blackberry I bought at T-Mobile with the $100 birthday gift you got me during the Obama Campaign. I still remember the day we celebrated at the Harvard Club in New York City when Obama won the election.If you remember correctly, I was in New York and that ER physician asked me to marry him I was dating asked me to marry him and told me I could be his little Sarah Palin. We had spent the weekend in Oyster Bay and as much as I enjoyed the lifestyle I simply could not spend my life living in a Penthouse on 96th Street as a “wife” and give up all my passion and dreams for some rich doctor who was more interested in my looks than my brains. He wanted to come in to the Harvard Club to ask for your “blessing” but after the Sarah Palin comment on our way Nazi into the City, I didn’t know who to throw out of the car first. Him or myself. Left my cell in his fancy Mercedes and the Maître d’ brought it over to our table on a silver platter. You told me to remove the battery since we were talking smack about the election and you were well aware of the long arm of big brother able to activate cell phones as listening devices even when they are not in use. We were celebrating the election results and had quite a few cocktails before dinner. You took photos and forced me to join Facebook if I wanted to see them. Cambridge Analytica, Dad? After the election, inauguration and transition team, I went back to writing exclusively paid per word or per visit to the website depending on the publication contract (syndication, etc.) ans got sidelined when I went to file my taxes and learned that I couldn’t file because someone already used my Taxpayer ID on another return. I learned that it was Karen and she refused to file an amended return. Once the new admin was in place I was offered a postititon with fhe Executive Service to handle Complex Medicaid cases that required investigations and a written response from the Governor himself. So I wrote the letters, and he signed them to make it official. When that tax snafu happened it held up my FBI background check for 6 months and I lost my mind, my benefits andeventually my job. Then shit went from bad to worse. Couldn’t afford gas or to renew my registration and insurance and got a ticket while I was parked AT the Dept of Motor Vehicles for expired tags the day Michael Jackson died and then lost my license for a non moving offense. My car died anyway and gas was over $6 gallon in Nashville at that time and there was no food, medicine, electric or cell service during the great flood of Nashville since the Army Corp of Engineers misappropriated federal funds to the wrong zip code and I was living in my closet for a while with Spotty because of the constant tornado sirens. Karen got mad that I didn’t return her phone call to to tell me she was marrying another asshole in Vegas and disconnected my cell phone and had my car towed when she learned my address from a third party. Stupid c*nt told me she needed my address to send me a birthday gift she got me from Hawaii. Needless to say, there was no gift and it was especially curious that she only remembered MY birthday in March two weeks before her own. She then had ny cell phone (my ONLY lifeline to the world as I had no TV, cable or internet and then she had my car towed from my parking spot outside my apartment and donated it to charity for $115. She took another charitable tax deduction on MY car, registered in MY name and has it towed from right outside my apartment without even telling me. I had to run out there and get my files out of the car for that because there was really nothing I could do to change his mind once it was up on the flatbed. It is simply beyond me how she manages to repeatedly gain access to my information and accounts despite all the boundaries I’ve put up and the number of times she’s told me that she doesn’t want anything to do with me and my “vicious attacks” but you’ve seen the videos and everyone knows she’s psychotic, hysterical, histrionic, narcissistic delusional gold digging ho and a menace to society and my health and well being. I was no longer able to drive to work anymore so I couldn’t renew my credentials and licensing fees. The end. Love,Your 3rd favorite child. Not including the dog. #2ndCivilWarLetteers


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