Political motives and tenderfooted consulting dog auditor’s investigation of Metro Nashville Police Department crime stat collection

This is how the story ended. I was pleased to see Mayor Dean amen Scott Walker take linnediate action when they saw my video and the damage done tto my property. Nothing prepared me being stalked by a dirty cop and harassed for tweeting about their incompetence behind a locked accont. This led to major audit of MNPD. I was pleased to know I had good friends in high places that knew I would not waste public resources or call 911 unless my life was imminent danger. Thirteen people called 911 before the cops finally showed up. The fat fuck didn’t even get out of his car to take the report. And they STILL have a mad that I posted the video online and tweeted about it from a locked account. Fuck THOSE police. They make all cops look bad.

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A story in the weekend paper confirms to me that the investigation into the Metro Police Department’s crime stat collection processes is serious in appearance only. The company hired to conduct the audit of MNPD is not exactly seasoned:

In response to Mayor Karl Dean’s request in May for an audit of police crime statistics, Metro auditors have hired a California-based company with no prior clients to help figure out if the department has been skewing local crime statistics.

The company, Elite Performance Auditing Consultants, has agreed to look at police policies and practices for free (aside from travel expenses) in return for a glowing letter of recommendation by Metro afterward.

Earlier this summer I offered the view that calls for this audit were more election year pretense for attention-seeking politicians and less an initiative of reform. Conservative Metro Council members have been the main advocates of this…

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