Mayor Karl Dean’s police audit plan full of sound and fury, signifying nothing except election aspirations

Before I post the latest on my case, I am posting reports that followed since the last thing I need is the local police tio think my anger on this somber anniversary is about them. All my dealings with local police at protests and when I had to file charges against my stalker for making death threats against me and the President have been very reassuring and put my mi d at ease. Even the Sheriff hasn’t blocked me for my daily sniffing requests. I’m pretty sure they know who I am. | local knowledge without a net.

There have been questions raised in the public about the validity of Nashville’s crime statistics …. Public safety is a top priority, and it’s just as important that people feel they are safe.

– – Nashville Mayor Karl Dean last week

In Nashville, residents had an overwhelmingly positive view of the police, with surveys showing an 85 percent satisfaction rate …. “There are concerns of the crime reporting both inside and outside the department,” said Councilman [Jim] Gotto. “I don’t know whether the numbers are right or wrong. I just want someone to look at them closer.”

Gotto acknowledged that the numbers may not matter much. “Hey, the community really likes him,” he said. “They feel pretty safe.”

– – Sunday’s New Orleans Times-Picayune

Nashville just lost a police chief who by most accounts could go anywhere he wanted. Despite general recognition, even among opponents, that Ronal Serpas’s use of…

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