From a Palm Beach Native @realdonaldtrump

Trump’s lavish lifestyle is costing Palm Beach a FORTUNE! 
My neighbors sued him for $5.77 Million and won and his Jupiter Golf Course also has a legal settlement he has yet to pay. 

Local business owners are concerned it’s bad for business. 

He also raised the membership fee at Mar-A-Lago from $100,000 to $200,000 shortly after the election. 

The Palm Beach Sheriff is working overtime and Secret Service can’t afford the travel expenses. 

Each weekend trip costs a minimum of $3 Million and it is coming from our local taxes. 

He said he wouldn’t have time to play golf after the Inauguration. Another lie. 

If you check his archived tweets you will see that he complained about Obama taking vacation time which paled by comparison. 

I for one object to his lavish lifestyle when I see homeless people sleeping on the benches outside of Trump Plaza and in Palm Beach. 

-Chilly Penguin, Palm Beach 


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