FBI’s ‘Operation Ghost Click’ takes out operators of DNS Changer malware network | Naked Security


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The FBI is cock-a-hoop today, having just announced the bust of six Estonians for malware-related cybercrimes.

The case goes back to 2007, with the investigation itself apparently having taken two years.

The FBI claims that the gang infected 4,000,000 computers in 100 different countries – with 500,000 infections in the USA alone.

The crooks are also said to have raked in at least US$14,000,000 of fraudulently-obtained income as a result.

The investigation and bust was dubbed Operation Ghost Click because the cybercrooks used DNS Changer malware to take victims to sites they didn’t expect. By changing the DNS settings of infected computers, the crooks could redirect clicks intended for site A to site B instead, or fraudulently convert adverts for service C into ads for service D.

Another thorn in the side of…

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