Majestic Evidence We Are Not Alone


The Robertson Panel, 1952-53

For years rumors have circulated to the effect that the Central Intelligence
Agency has been deeply implicated in the UFO mystery and in the crashed
UFO controversy in particular. These assertions are further bolstered
by the contents of the Majestic 12 documents. Nevertheless, at an official
level at least, the CIA has only confirmed its direct involvement in
one UFO study – the so-called Robertson Panel. To fully understand the
official story of the Robertson Panel, take note of the following from
the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) historian, Gerald Raines:

In January 1953, H. Marshall Chadwell [CIA Director of Scientific Intelligence]
and H. P. Robertson, a noted physicist from the California Institute
of Technology, put together a distinguished panel of nonmilitary scientists
to study the UFO issue. It included Robertson as chairman; Samuel
A. Goudsmit, a nuclear physicist from the Brookhaven National Laboratories;
Luis Alvarez, a…

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