The Super Elite – The Black Magicians

Powers That Beat

…And The Truth Shall Set You Free : Ch.10

chapter 10
the Super Elite – the black magicians

At the highest level of the Elite’s human pyramid, I believe they do know that they are working with a Fourth Dimensional consciousness which has been known symbolically by many names (such as Satan, Set, Lucifer, the Devil, and – in this book – the Prison Warders). At this top level, they are knowingly interacting with this force, which probably takes many forms. There is evidence that many people involved over the years have believed they were working for extraterrestrial ‘super men’. Some may have had face-to-face contact with a negative ET group from the Fourth Dimension.

To understand the true nature of the conspiracy, we need to appreciate its esoteric foundation. Esoteric knowledge, often called ‘the occult’, is not negative in or of itself. It is just the knowledge…

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