+ORC Fravia+ about the master

Powers That Beat

orc.htm Fravia’s page about the master that throw the snowball we’r riding on


There is some info about +ORC on this page (updated July 1999)

Further, you’ll find 400 (four hundreds) essays of his scholars ‘and other friends) clicking on this banner AND elsewhere:

Actuality of +ORC’s ‘old’ teachings

Even if +ORC has retired (and disappeared) during spring 1998, his teachings still emanate a quite formidable reversing ‘power’, as literally thousands of Fravias can confirm.
You may enjoy this essay about the correct stalking ‘mood’ you should need in order to stalk +ORC’s old gate (published 20 January 1999!) or you may have a look at this info about +ORC’s works being published (on paper) in January 1999).

"Give a man a crack, and he'll be hungry again tomorrow, teach him how to crack, and he'll never be hungry again"


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