DailyDDoSe™ by @ELyssaD™: Just in case…

The whole convoluted story. All laypersons are intact and should be accessible for additional parts of the story left somewhere on these interwebz of ours. Just in case…


Just in case…


Several months have passed since I returned “home” to Tennessee from the Rocking V Lodge in Jackson, Wyoming.

Yes, I knew something was wrong. Nobody buys a stranger a one way
ticket on 48 hours notice~ especially without confirming travel
arrangements or scheduling UNLESS they have a reason to isolate that
person from any and all things familiar and comfortable.

Everyone wants to believe I am p@ranoid, delusional or inherently
evil to justify their indifference, apathy and complete and total
failure to recognize what is now obvious to people around the globe.
This was an organized but poorly executed plan to remove any and all
traces of ElyssaD from the internet, public, and world of the living.

I have analyzed and traces the data and communications with a fine
tooth comb. This was exactly what I feared from day one. And only after

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