Cyber Arms Intelligence Report for September 13th

CYBER ARMS - Computer Security

Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? This Latin quote is from the Roman poet Juvenal, which means “Who will guard the guards themselves?” or “Who watches the watchmen?”. 

A recent security audit of the Department of Homeland Security’s US-CERT cyber security division systems revealed hundreds of vulnerabilities.

Even the much vaulted “Einstein” system did not go unscathed in the security test. The Einstein system is a highly capable government intrusion detection system.

A scan of US-CERT systems by the IG turned up 540 unique vulnerabilities in the Mission Operating Environment (MOE), 202 of which were rated as “high.” No other systems had vulnerabilities rated as “high,” but Einstein had 89 unique vulnerabilities, eight of them rated “medium.” Overall, there were a total of 671 unique vulnerabilities found US-CERT systems.”

The majority of the serious vulnerabilities found were in applications (Java, Adobe, Microsoft Apps) and in the Windows and Red Hat…

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