Heather Martin of Saskatoon’s Defamatory Libel

CyberHarassment and the CyberBullies

Heather Martin is one of Kree Love’s newest monkey recruits. She is a Registered Nurse at a large Saskatoon Hospital. She is also the author of a vitriolic hate blog singling out Kevin Annett as the main target of her cyberharassment campaign.

Several blogs have been started by different people to address this abuse and object to her harassment of Kevin Annett, a well-known and well-respected social activist as well as other social activists. Those blogs are listed in the blog links on the left.

She has also engaged in cyberstalking Kevin Annett by following him onto Facebook groups that she would otherwise have no interest in joining simply so that she can lurk, spy and spread her poisonous lies about Kevin on to those groups.

For example, she has a serious hate-on for atheists and yet you’ll find her in every single atheist group that Kevin has joined on…

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