Kahn Artist: Truth or Consequence

Elyssa: “Did you call Lauren ? Did you at least send her a birthday card”
Karen CON: “After what Lauren did to me, I have no intention of ever contacting her again.”

Lauren: “What did I do to her?”

Elyssa: “EXACTLY! That is what I wanted to know”

Lauren: “All I did was to “point out” her lies. All she told me – over and over and over – for the year+ I was literally an invalid from illnesses was how she couldn’t afford to help me more than a couple hundred bucks. Clearly that was not true; her recent purchases attest to the fact that she COULD afford it. I didn’t ask for anything………why blatantly lie to me over and over again? I didn’t expect a handout — but is it too much to just expect not to be flat-out lied to?”

Elyssa: “I could not have said it better myself.”

Lauren: “YOU probably could have!”


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