How your brain is wired to learn a language in 10 days

How your brain is wired to learn a language in 10 days | Nov 30th -0001

(ARA) – If you’ve ever watched TV or a movie and seen an American actor rapidly speak a foreign language like they’ve been doing it their whole lives, you’ve probably wished you could do it too. Whether you believe it or not, you can: Your brain is already wired to learn a language in 10 days. You just need to activate it.

For years, organizations like the FBI and the National Security Agency have used a secret method for teaching their employees how to quickly and effectively learn a foreign language: the Pimsleur Approach, which has proved to be the fastest way to learn a new language.

Your brain is already wired to learn a language in 10 days. You just need to activate it.

In today’s global society, learning a foreign language is crucial, whether you need it for work or pleasure. With the right tools and training, you’ll be able to connect with new friends and business acquaintances more effectively thanks to your new ability to speak, listen, learn and improvise in another language. And it is much simpler than people think.

Numerous studies have revealed that in every country, native-speakers use only about 2,500 distinct words and phrases on a daily basis. Dr. Paul Pimsleur, creator of the Pimsleur Approach, spent his lifetime studying these language building blocks. By aiming each lesson at teaching you to use those 2,500 words, . It’s not how many words you know, but rather, which words you can use.

The Pimsleur Approach effortlessly locks new language material into your brain after only one listen. And it only takes one 30-minute lesson a day.

The Pimsleur Language Programs

The entire Pimsleur Approach is what language learning should be: quick, fun, and easy! You’ll absorb your new language effortlessly without any reading, writing, or computer use. The Pimsleur Approach has a 100-percent guarantee: Speak in 10 days or you don’t pay.

Who is Dr. Pimsleur?

Dr. Pimsleur was a language educator for more than 20 years. He noticed that children have an amazing ability to learn new languages quickly. He spent his life developing this course to let you, as an adult, learn a new language as easily as a child would. You might not realize it, but you’ve already learned one language using the Pimsleur Approach. Your first language.

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